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To Acquire & Retain Your 401(k) Plans

We are pleased to provide a complete listing of all of the topics and E-Tools within the 36 videos of the online 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop. Click through the link to see the Topic and E-Tool Listing. The 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop discusses best practices to grow and improve your 401(k) business covering 109 topics via 36 video segments, supported by 30 E- Tools all catalogued within a 7 step process to acquire and retain your plans. The 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop is the online, anytime, on any device 401(k) sales and service training professional development experience for Advisors.

This Workshop will Help You Get Where You Want to Be.

As retirement plan advisors, plan sponsors depend on you to provide them with the tools, resources and information they need to help them prepare their company’s employees for retirement. If you want to be a valuable resource for your clients, you need access to the most current information and proven tactics.

To optimize your opportunity to assist employers and their employees,The Pension Source, Inc. is proud to be your provider for the 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop.

Based on the personal sales and coaching experiences of Chris Barlow, the founder and managing director of KnowHow 401(k), the 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop covers more than 100 topics that will help you achieve your growth goals.

The 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop features 36 video segments that deliver expert advice and industry insight. Supported by 30 e-tools, catalogued within a 7-step process, you’ll receive ample support designed to maximize your overall experience. And you’ll have access to your Pension Source team every step of the way.

Furthermore, to help you become more comfortable with 401(k) plan design and compliance requirements, KnowHow 401(k) has partnered with the National Association of Pension Administrators to provide you with content from their Fundamentals of Qualified Retirement Plans course, which can be found in step one of the Sales Champion Workshop.

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